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advice for losers


    advice for losers

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    Fun fact about American health care: if I ever need an organ transplant, I’ll somehow have to hide my autism, depression, and anxiety from the doctors, or else I’ll be disqualified under ideas about quality of life. It’s really great to know how valued disabled and neurodivergent lives are.

    So here’s a thing many people don’t know about me: I used to be a medical data analyst. (I still do it occasionally, but not as a full-time job.) It’s a pretty self-explanatory job: I took data - often in enormous datasets - and analyzed it to find patterns. (Obviously, we couldn’t associate these with individual patients; this was just after HIPAA had come into effect, and so this data was very heavily scrubbed to remove any identifiable information.)

    One of the patterns I looked for was quality of life and quality of care for people with severe and persistent mental illness (SPMI). For our purposes, that meant major depression, bipolar disorder, general anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, and “other SPMI” (I encourage you to not send me messages telling me how those categories are terrible, because a) it was ten years ago and b) I wasn’t in charge of the categories.) In particular, we looked at injury, illness, and death in people with SPMI, compared with the general population, while they were in the hospital and at certain intervals after they were released (30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 180 days, and 1 year).

    People with severe and persistent illness were much more likely to become ill and/or die in the hospital or shortly after discharge than the “general population”. People with schizophrenia had nearly ten times the deaths while in the hospital, and twelve times the injuries and illnesses.

    Just as telling were the notes associated with the patient records. There was a significant pattern in the terminology used. In patients in the “general population”, doctors tended to use the word “is”: for example, “patient is suffering from abdominal cramping”. In patients with SPMI, doctors tended to use the phrase “claims to be”: for example, “patient claims to be suffering from abdominal cramping”.

    It was clear to us that medical professionals - in general, I know for a fact that there are doctors out there who don’t do this - were assuming that patients with severe and persistent mental illness were inventing some, if not all, of their symptoms - that the symptoms were not real, and therefore did not need to be treated.

    And because of that, these patients were falling ill and dying at alarming rates.

    This isn’t personal anecdotes. I spent more than a year analyzing this data - which came from actual hospitals in the United States - and finding these patterns. There’s a problem here.

    (I would prefer not to give out the name I was using then in public here, but if you’re interested, message me privately and I’ll see if I can get you links to the articles.)

  3. transisted:

    has anyone done this yet

  4. mal0cchi0 said: your mom is the coolest

    did she argue with you about the moon landing at all because if she didn’t i’ll be really surprised because she has argued with about 90% of my friends who have come here about the moon landing

  5. did u kno my mom is probably @dril

    did u kno my mom is probably @dril

  6. starllex:

    *plays with tie nervously at job interview* 

    "Sorry, I’ve never had a job interview and I’m nervous haha."

    "That’s okay just please stop playing with my tie and sit on your side of the desk"

  7. Harass mental illness fakers until they actually have a mental illness.





    They’ll finally have something to complain about properly, and know what a mental illness is actually like. Who’s with me?

    "Who’s with me?" 0 notes

    how do they determine who’;s “faking” and whos not

    if you area teenager, you are faking

    "what the fuck are childhood onset mental illnesses"

    also i guess i more or less grew up in an adolescent psych ward for funzies. damn tumblr u caught me

  8. netflix somehow knows i love parrots more than i love myself despite never watching anything parrot-related

    and so it recommended me a ‘tear jerker’ about parrot companions with ‘5 stars’ as its best guess for me and i’m afraid to watch it

  9. rftminges:

this is the weirdest job app i’ve ever filled out


    this is the weirdest job app i’ve ever filled out

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